Instructions for making the Romancing the Rose Basket 




  1. Black fabric
  2. Very thin wadding
  3. Timtex or similar product
  4. Very thin wadding

Hoop your backing fabric
In the enlarged photograph you can see where I have hopped the backing fabric as you can see in Photo No. 2. Over the top of the backing fabric is the thin wadding, Timtex, wadding and black fabric as seen in photograph No. 1
Stitch out the hoped stitch to anchor down all the layers of fabric, wadding etc.
  1. Stitch the basket out first
  2. Print a template of the Roses
  3. Mark the centre of the roses
  4. With your scissors cut out the printed roses as shown above in the photo
  5. Find where you would like to place the roses over the basket
Once you have found the right place. Mark the centre of the roses, use chalk to mark the spot
As you can see I have used that tacky sticky paper in the hoop
Place your black fabric, wadding etc. over the sticky paper and play around with the fabric until you have the fabric in the correct position in the hoop. Using your plastic hoop template as shown in the photograph above
Stitch out your hoop template
Before you start stitching the roses out, select your thread and have the threads in some sort of order and match your thread numbers with the colour's as there are a number of colour changes in this design and you may start getting very confused.

Stitching the rose design
After you have completed the stitching of the basket and roses, cut with your scissors close to the satin border but not to close, you can see what I mean in the photos No. 14 and 15

On the back of the roses and basket I used Glue stick as it is very easy to place the design onto the striped fabric which is the lining for the bag and to maintain the position

With your scissors cut the the lining as shown above
Cut with your scissors close to the satin border but not to close as you will be masking the fabric with your satin border
I satin stitched in the pale green border first (leaves) but what I did I would go about half an inch stitching the satin stitch and then press the reverse button back that half an inch then take my finger off the reverse button and go forward I did this all around the roses and basket. It give a beautiful finish. After I did the leaves I did the roses and then the basket

Close up of the satin stitch border
Another close up

Photo of the beginning of the base for the basket.
  1. Thin wadding
  2. Timtex
  3. thin wadding
Photo of the base for the basket
  1. Lining fabric
  2. Thin wadding
  3. Timtex
  4. Thin wadding
  5. Lining fabric
Edge of the basket base
All ready to start putting the basket together

Lining of the basket
I used a zigzag stitch on either side where I could to stitch the basket together
Zigzag stitch basket together

Still stitching the basket together
Still going :)
Stitching the base to the basket. I did have to do a small amount of hand stitching towards the end.
I went to the Hardware store and purchased from the Pool department clear tubing for the handle
Covered the clear tubing with the pink striped fabric which is the same as the lining striped fabric
I softened the plastic covered tubing with my steam iron, as you can see I covered the tubing with paper before steam ironing
Once softened I flattened the tubing with my fingers and then quickly stitched the tubing with a straight stitch
Stitched the tubing onto the basket. You do not see the stitching due to the basket weave.

All finished



Instructions for making the Romancing the Rose Cushion 




I used two layers of stitch and tear hopped
On top of the stitch and tear I put two thin layers of very thin batting or wadding depending on which country you are from
Stitch out the basket first
Print a template of the roses
Mark the centre with a pen as shown in the larger photograph

Put a pin through the centre mark you just made with your pen. Then with either chalk or a marking pen mark the centre on the fabric, as shown in enlarged photograph

Using your hoop guideline place the fabric on top of the hoop so you can get perfect placement of your fabric
Pin the fabric to your stabilizer that you had previously hopped
Place your hoop with the pined fabric carefully into your machine and then stitch out your hoop
Before you start stitching the roses out, line all the threads as there are a number of colour changes in this design