Work by Patricia Bridge 





Work by Renda 



I would be honored if my box photo was posted on your site.  My local dealer has my box now on display in her store. Renda




Work by Brenda Houlihan








Good morning Cathy, thought I would send these photos of the two cottages I have completed, they are so cute, I have enjoyed myself so much sewing these, must admit I found the second one easier as I had a better idea of the colours, and changed a little which was fun to do, I also made the little mats with the same format that the cottages were made, just did a little grid to hold it all together and then added some lace and edges with the same thread as I sewed the cottage with. I hope you did not mind me sending the photos and of course you can use any or all of them for your site if you want to, and use my name if necessary. I would happily endorse a good testimonial to a wonderful design as this.
It is snowing hard outside here, it is just getting dark and is really pretty to see, but very cold. I am tucked up with my sewing and very happy. Thanks for wonderful designs I love the Rose Cottage. I will also make the bag.