Catch Cathy in action as she shows you her new and old designs. There is always many creative tips in these videos! Great to watch for everyone! Don't forget to use your decorative stitches!!



5th March 2012

Designs featured in this video:

Syrian Cats


Miniature Baltimore Quilts


Damascus Spice Souk

Feast of Colour

Summer Fresh

Blooming Lovely

Vintage Charm

Ebony and Ivory





2nd March 2011

(Please turn your sound up high as the video is not very loud)

Designs featured in video

Blooming Lovely

Moroccan Summer


Indian Summer

Earthly Pleasures

Spring Meditation

Add a Touch


Vintage Charm








Video 12 (2 Parts)

Created on the 21st February 2010

Designs featured in this set are:




Video 11

Created on the 17th August 2009

Video Size is 39mb

Designs featured in this set are:

Boudoir 2


Indian Summer


Reflection of the Orient


Mount Fuji




Created 13th July 2008
Video Size is 43mb





Created 7th March 2008
Video Size is 47mb
Decorative stitches shown on Video 9




Created 16th December 2007
Video Size is 40mb






Video 7

Created 3rd October 2007

Video size is 37mb


Cathy introduces Alex Rangman. (You may know Alex from many of the forums)

Alex explains in detail how to use decorative stitches to make your work look absolutely beautiful. Alex provides you with a lot of excellent tips.

Alex shows you some of her beautiful work as examples.

This is a very interesting video - You must watch this!!

Video length is 23 minutes.


Please contact Alex Rangman regarding your thoughts on this video (Video 7) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Video 6

Created 4th August 2007

Video size is 25mb




Video 5

Created 25th April 2007

Video size is 33mb




Video 4

Created 11th March 2007

Video size is 28mb




Video 3

Created 27th October 2005

Video size is 41mb




Video 2

Created 17th September 2005

Video size is 27mb



Video 1

Created 25th August 2005

Video size is 36mb