Work by Connie Neer 



Hi Charley:

I delivered the Sewing Angel patterns to my Embroidery Buddies yesterday and they finished the embroidery part, they were thrilled and said to thank you for the free Christmas designs. I know I am very happy with mine, I finally got the hook up on the sewing room door today and my plaque hung. Below is a picture of the finished project.

A Very Satisfied Customer,

Connie Neer


Work by Dottie Newkirk 
Hi Cathy.....Our sewing club (Fairfax Janome Club) had a class yesterday, making sewing machine covers and some of us chose to stitch designs from your Sewing Angels set.  I thought I'd send you a picture of my finished project.  Unfortunately the picture doesn't do justice to your design, but it stitched just beautifully.  Another member, Diane Bacon, may be sending you a picture of her cover also.  Hers definitely showcases how beautiful the design is.  Sewing hugs, Dottie
Work by Willie Stender 

I am attaching the photos of my little wallhangings I made as Christmas gifts for sewing friends.   I hope they are clear enough for you to see my work.  I am definitely no photographer.  I used the colors I knew were in their sewing room.  I hooped a piece of stabilizer and pellon fleece and then laid fabric for embroidery on top and fastened with the fix stitch.  With white embroidery thread as background this gives a quilted look.  The hanger is a soda straw covered in fabric and the soda straw is inserted between two small bone rings that I crocheted around with embroidery thread that matched fashion fabric.  I was able to find angel charms at craft store and these were placed at top of hanger.  The design stitched out beautifully!!!