Instructions for Beige Pillow

I stitched both the following cushions on a very fine silk fabric

Stitch out First blush_02 three times and then I stitched First Blush_03 in the bottom centre


Showing the intricate work of the swan


Stitch First blush_04 and then stitched decorative stitches from the machine to make a lovely border


Stitch a border around the design using your decorative stitches from your machine


Instructions for making First Blush Black and White Cushion

Stitch out first blush_05 twice


Fold the striped fabric then press with an iron, have the folded and press side of the striped fabric facing the design and then stitch in place


Stitch the other striped panel

Press the fold of the black fabric to make a nice edge


Lay the black folded fabric close to the striped fabric, you do not need to show too much of the striped fabric otherwise you will take your eye away from your design


Stitch the black fabric using a colored thread that was in the design and stitched in a triple straight stitch



Then I proceeded to make the cushion


To finish make a black bias binding

There are so many beautiful buttons being made these days, I like to use what buttons I have collected over the years for the back of cushions at times, it give a lovely look to the back of the cushion


I stitched Flower_01, Flower_02 and Flower_03





I have many odd buttons that my Grandmother, Mother and I have collected over the years, why not use the odd buttons on the back of cushions; this is an example of what I had done


Close up of my odd buttons the two outer buttons are glass and the button in the middle is glass with beautiful gold metal in the centre of the button


The dress was made of a medium weight silk fabric; I stitched first blush_05 a number of times on the front of the dress



Close up of the stitch out on the silk fabric


Another close up of the work