Klimt Style Cushion







Stitch out “Klimt Style_04”, 4 times, join each of the panels using the stem stitch on your sewing machine




Press a hem on either side of the panels




Once you have pressed a hem on either side of the panels.

Make a panel for the centre of the cushion and pin the hem you just pressed to the centre panel. The centre panel is 8cm wide or 3.5 inches.




Centre panel pinned down to the pressed hems.




To stitch the centre panel down to the pressed hem, stitch the stem stitch using the same thread colour for all the stem stitch borders in the panels. I used the combination of gold metallic and red thread, which gives the stem stitch a fabulous raised appearance.




Stem stitch the centre and you can keep going like I have done, this gives the cushion a stunning look.




Showing you the stem stitch all completed.