Measurements of Christmas tree

  • 100 cm wide from the base
  • 90cm the length



  • Lime green felt 2 meters or 2 yards
  • Brown fabric or brown tartan for the trunk of the tree 41 cm wide x 17 cm length
  • Stitch out the following Advent_01 to Advent_25
  • 2 gold tasselsGold star for the top of the Christmas tree
  • 25 yummy chocolates and lollies to put in the pockets

Once you have stitched out all the designs for the Advent calendar:

  • Mark the centre of the green felt using a marking pen.
  • Start with Advent_01 pocket at the top and pin the No. 01 down in the centre.
  • Stitch using a zigzag stitch to all three sides (do not stitch the top), as you need to put the Chocolates in the pockets
  • The next row, stitch down Advent_02 and Advent_03
  • The next row, stitch down Advent_04, Advent_05 and Advent_06
  • The next row, stitch down Advent_07, Advent_08, Advent_09 and Advent_10
  • The next row, stitch down Advent_11, Advent_12, Advent_13 and Advent_14
  • The next row, stitch down Advent _15, Advent _16, Advent_17, Advent_18 and Advent_19
  • The next row, stitch down Advent_20, Advent_21, Advent_22, Advent_23, Advent_24 and Advent_25




Once you have stitched all the Advent pockets onto the green felt, mark a triangle and cut out




In gold metallic thread zigzag around the triangle. The felt that I had purchased was very thin so I cut out another exact triangle and zigzagged stitch the felt to the back of the tree in gold metallic thread.




Stitch the trunk to the base




This is a gold Christmas ornament for a Christmas tree decoration which looks lovely stitched to the felt




To keep the gold metallic theme, hand stitch two gold tassels at each end of the base of the Christmas tree.