Instructions for the Vasanta Quilt




This quilt was stitched on satin silk

Measurements of Vasanta quilt is the following 24.8 wide x 27.6 inches length or 63 wide x 70 cm length

If you wish to stitch the border around the quilt then the dimensions of the quilt will not be the same







This is a photo showing you the layout of the quilt.
This photo is included in your colour chart




Showing you the layout using the border designs
This photo is included in your colour chart




  • 4 metres or 4.5 yards of background fabric approx
  • 2 metres or 2.5 yards of thin wadding approx
  • Tear away

Stitch out the following designs

  • “The Taj_01” to “The Taj_20”


  • Once you have stitched out all the 20 designs cut around each panel using your scissors as close to the satin stitch border as possible
  • Place the panel No 8 down on your background fabric and lightly glue the panel to the background fabric
  • Stitch the panel No. 8 down using the same coloured thread as you used for the satin stitch border using a zigzag stitch over the satin stitch border
  • Place the panel No. 13 down below No. 8 panel and lightly glue in place and then zigzag stitch that panel down onto the background fabric
  • From both these panels start placing and gluing each panel down on the background fabric and then zigzagging over the satin stitch border